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Members of the of Board of Directors of LICI

LICI Executives

Leaders of our local organizations


Members of Our community

Ladies, and gentlemen.


It is my pleasure to stand before today in the spirit of humility not only as the leader of this great community but also as your servant.  As we celebrate this historic event honoring the rich history of Liberia to celebrate our 171st independence anniversary, I hope that we as Liberians in the diaspora continue to pray for our country and play a pivotal role in the development and growth of our native land. History speaks for itself…..and we are all aware of what we’ve been through, the challenges we continue to face and the tremendous work ahead of us. Together we can change the trajectory and lay an improved framework not only for us but for generations to come.

I’m humbled and grateful that you elected my team to lead this great community. We assure you that we will do our best, work diligently and be inclusive. It is our administration’s goal to integrate the wisdom of the past, with the innovation of the present to build a brighter future for this community. It is not our intention to undo any good policies set by our predecessors but to build upon the foundation laid. At this time may all past presidents of LICI please stand to be acknowledged. ……………….Thank you all for your service.

My People, our community is growing in numbers, unity, and strength. We will no longer sit on the sideline and witness our African counterparts grow and play influential roles in the overall growth of this great city we all live and work. We will make our voices heard, our demands made known, and our work noticed.

I’m urging all Liberians to get involved, work together to grow our community socially and economically. We want LICI to be your non-profit of choice, therefore we plead with you to volunteer your time, your resources, and your ideas to grow the organization and better serve our people. LICI will no longer be branded as the organization for the “Old People,” LICI is for everyone (young and old). We will embrace, unite, educate, and or empower everyone to work towards the common good of this community.

In the near future, we will introduce the LICI Youth League to address the issues facing young people of this community, to create an environment where young people are heard and their ideas embraced thereby setting the stage for their individual and professional growth.

For the last four years, I was privileged and honored to serve as the Secretary to one of the visionaries of this community, Madame Comfort Kenneth. Her vision was for LICI to own a community center. Under her leadership, we work tirelessly to lay the foundation for the proposed center and many of you, community members have made financial contributions to this project for which we are grateful.

This community has taken a new direction, and the demand to provide social service programs is increasingly growing.   The Center will assist us to improve access to information through better community connections.  These connections will create a ripple effect providing access to health care, income support, opportunities for attending college or career development for youth, cultural programs, and programs for our seniors. Fellow Liberians and partners let us work together to make this dream a reality. We are hopeful about the future of this community. LICI is looking forward to forming alliances and strategic partnerships with local and national agencies who share the goal of promoting and empowering our people.

I will like take this opportunity to thank the almighty God for the strength, the courage and the resilience to be standing before you today.  I will like to thank my wife for standing by my side and supporting my aspiration of serving this community. My thanks and appreciation also go to my parents, family members, spiritual leaders, mentors, friends, and well-wishers for all the continued prayers in the past and as we take this journey together.   I’m’ forever grateful, and I’m proud to be a member of this community.

Fellow Liberians, in the spirit of John F. Kennedy, let us not asked what our community can do for us, but what you can do for your community. God Bless you all, God Bless the United States of America and God bless the Republic of Liberia.