River of Life Ministries International 4295 East Broad St. Columbus, Ohio 43213
Worship Service: Sun. 1:00pm.
Pas. Toculun-Head Pastor
New Beginning Pentecostal of Christ214 Fairway Blvd., Whitehall, Ohio 43213
Worship Service: Sun. 12:00pm.
Pas. C. Sieh-Head Pastor
Rescue The Perishing Ministries 4142 Westerville Rd., Westerville, Oh 43224
Worship Service: Sun. 12:00pm.
Rev. Diggs-Head Pastor
African Inernational Lutheran Ministries730 Collingwood Ave., Whitehall, Ohio 43232
Worship Service: Sun. 12:00pm.
Rev. A. Sumo-Head Pastor
EL-Shaddai Praise Tabernacle
1731 Brice Road, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068
Worship Service: Sun. 11:00am.
Pas. V. Powell-Head Pastor-
Sound Doctrine Baptist International 2040 Cleveland Ave. Columbus OH 43211
Worship Service: Sun. 11:00am.
Rev. E. Shasha-Head Pastor

Local County Organization

Association of Cape Mountianians in Ohio
Mr. Spencer Goodridge Jr.-Chairman Contact: 614-735-5151
Lofa County AssociationJ. Patrick Flomo Contact: 614-707-6363 Bassa Association
Dr. Joseph Verdier  Chairman             Contact: 614-483-9769
Maryland CoalitionMr. Chea Chea-Acting
ChairmanContact: 614-537-7456
Sinoe County Association
Mr. Tolomyne Sargba-Chairman                      Contact: 614-638-9038
Krao Association Joseph Popuh Contact:

Local Social Organization

Visions for Liberia
Mr. T-Gleh Harris-Chairman Contact: 614-704-4264
United Sisters
Sis. Lopo 614-352-4854-Chair Lady
Club 50
Mr. Anderson            Contact: 614-8343165
Old Timers
Mr. James Mccabe-
Chairman Contact: 614-562-2060
Columbus Lone Star
Mr. Mark Gibson-Chairman Contact: 614-378-7542