Liberians In Columbus, Inc.(LICI) was incorporated as a charitable entity in the State of Ohio in 1986 by a group of Liberian students. At the time, their goals and objectives were to fellowship with one another away from home, promote understanding and cooperation amongst Liberians, and interest in Africa, particularly Liberia.
Over the last thirty-six years, LICI has been operating under those themes. However, within the same thirty-six years, Liberia also experienced a brutal civil war that killed over 250,000 citizens, displaced millions of families, destroyed every infrastructure possible, and left a country yarning for help.
 Many Liberians immigrated to the United States and other parts of the World to seek refuge and a better future for their families. Thanks to the US Government, who allowed States like Ohio to welcome many Liberians. LICI has been the comfort for Liberians moving to Central Ohio. But, unfortunately, the impact of the war followed many of our residents abroad.
In 2015 the Franklin County Department of Job and Family Services (FCJFS) asked Community Research Partners (CRP), a nonprofit research center based in Columbus, to better study the local Liberian community’s needs and challenges. The report showed that many community members are dealing with;
  • Unaddressed trauma from the war,
  • High percentage of low-wage earners,
  • Lack of access to healthcare and other resources
  • Lack of youth engagement through in and after-school programs
  • Other social issues.
The leadership of LICI has been working extremely hard with little or no resources to fill in some of the gaps in the community. Over the years, we have implemented programs to address Mental Health Issues, Youth Mentorship, Food Insecurity, COVID-19 Emergency Relief, Community Empowerment, and Referral Services to other wellness programs. We have impacted over 2500 Liberians, other immigrants, and low-income families in Central Ohio with minimal resources. The needs in the community are beyond our current cope. Therefore the leadership is working extremely hard to build capacity, hire staff members, and design programs that will impact the lives of many families.
Today is Giving Tuesday; if you find it in your heart to please support our cause, it will go a long way. Anything you donate will make a difference. Thank you for your continuous support to the community.