The Treasurer will handle the everyday activities of LICI finances to include managing cash flow, paying and recording bills, maintaining a record of debt and reconciling bank statements.


  • Have charge and custody of and be responsible for all funds and securities of the organization, and deposit within 72 hours such funds in the name of the organization in such banks, trust companies, or other depositories as shall be selected by the Board of Directors.
  • Receive, and give receipt for, monies due and payable to the organization from any source whatsoever.
  • Disburse all funds of the organization as may be directed by the Board of Directors, while securing proper vouchers for such disbursements.
  • Keep and maintain adequate and correct accounts of the organization's properties and business transactions, including accounts of its assets, liabilities, receipts, disbursements, gains and losses.
  • Exhibit at all reasonable times the book of accounts and financial records to any director of the organization, or to his or her agent or attorney, on request thereof.
  • Render to the President and directors, whenever requested, an account of any or all of his or her transactions as Treasurer and of the financial condition of the organization.
  • Prepare, or cause to be prepared, and certify, or cause to be certified, financial statements for presentation every quarter to the members at their next regularly scheduled meeting or any special meetings called by the Board President or to be included in any required reports.
Required skills:
Be a certified public accountant; or have at least two years of accounting or finance work-experience; or have obtained a degree or comparable certification in accounting, finance, business, or another closely related subject. In general, perform all duties incidental to the office of Treasurer and such other duties as may be required by law, by the Articles of Incorporation of the organization, or by this Code of Regulations, or which may be assigned to him or her from time to time by the Board of Directors or the President.